Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Election Results Are In

It's official: the election for the new logo for Justin's Brew Review is over. The results are in and the winner is...B!

Sorry that you all had to endure the slanderous political ads during this grueling logo election. I was really starting to get tired of A's infamous catchphrase: "We can't afford four more beers!" But I think that it was B's platform promise that really swung the election in its favor: "Read my lips: no new beer taxes". Whatever the case, I'm just glad that it's all over and done with. Now we can focus on the more important issues, like what other White House homebrews we can expect to be concocted over these next four years. (Oops, I just transitioned from talking about a logo election to the real thing.)

For those of you that like numbers (nerd alert, cough cough), here are some charts showing the number of votes and where they were cast:

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