Monday, October 29, 2012

Yorktoberfest 2012 Video

Here's my video from Yorktoberfest 2012. More detailed post to follow.


Cast -
  • Justin Mann
  • Man #1
  • Man #2
  • Man not Appearing in this Film
  • Lots of extras
  • Wik
  • Als0 wik
  • Als0 als0 wik
  • Wi n0t trei a h0liday in Sweeden thi yer?
  • See the l0veli lakes
  • The W0nderful teleph0ne system
  • And mani interesting furry animals
  • Including the majestic m00se
  • A M00se once bit my sister...
We apologize for the fault in the credits. Those who were responsible have been sacked.
  • Cameo appearance by Will Ferrell (at marker 1:54)
  • M00se Trained by Yutte Hermsgervordenbroti
  • M00se Choreographed by Horst Prot III
  • Miss Taylor's M00ses by Hengst Douglas-Home
We apologize again for the fault in the credits. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked.
  • Director - Justin Mann
  • Writer - Justin Mann
  • Producer - Justin Mann
  • Music - the CD that happened to be playing when I recorded this (in between bands)
  • Cinematography - Justin Mann
  • Editing - Editing? We don't need no stinking editing. (Or at least, we didn't use no stinking editing.)
  • Casting - Justin Mann
  • Set Decoration - Yorktoberfest organizers (especially Matthew) and vendors
  • Costume Design - GAP
  • Makeup Department - Absolutely N/A
  • Visual effects - Wee Wowem LLC
  • Stunts - Evel Knievel and Robert Overcracker
  • Transportation - my wife, Diana

Closing Thoughts:
Thank you, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Full credit to you for the crazy credits and M00se references.