Monday, October 29, 2012

Yorktoberfest 2012 Video

Here's my video from Yorktoberfest 2012. More detailed post to follow.


Cast -
  • Justin Mann
  • Man #1
  • Man #2
  • Man not Appearing in this Film
  • Lots of extras
  • Wik
  • Als0 wik
  • Als0 als0 wik
  • Wi n0t trei a h0liday in Sweeden thi yer?
  • See the l0veli lakes
  • The W0nderful teleph0ne system
  • And mani interesting furry animals
  • Including the majestic m00se
  • A M00se once bit my sister...
We apologize for the fault in the credits. Those who were responsible have been sacked.
  • Cameo appearance by Will Ferrell (at marker 1:54)
  • M00se Trained by Yutte Hermsgervordenbroti
  • M00se Choreographed by Horst Prot III
  • Miss Taylor's M00ses by Hengst Douglas-Home
We apologize again for the fault in the credits. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked.
  • Director - Justin Mann
  • Writer - Justin Mann
  • Producer - Justin Mann
  • Music - the CD that happened to be playing when I recorded this (in between bands)
  • Cinematography - Justin Mann
  • Editing - Editing? We don't need no stinking editing. (Or at least, we didn't use no stinking editing.)
  • Casting - Justin Mann
  • Set Decoration - Yorktoberfest organizers (especially Matthew) and vendors
  • Costume Design - GAP
  • Makeup Department - Absolutely N/A
  • Visual effects - Wee Wowem LLC
  • Stunts - Evel Knievel and Robert Overcracker
  • Transportation - my wife, Diana

Closing Thoughts:
Thank you, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Full credit to you for the crazy credits and M00se references.


  1. Coming to you from the walls of now Tropical Storm Sandy. Dogfish Punkin Ale is fantastic. Roy Pitz makes good stuff, too. Go Chambersburg! They need a peach beer towards the end of the summer if the brewery doesn't have one already.

    1. Hope you're riding out the storm alright, Bill! We're hanging in there so far on this side of the commonwealth. I was very pleased with my first taste of the DFH Punkin. I agree that Roy Pitz makes some good stuff -- I especially like their Lay Down, Stay Down. A peach beer would be interesting for sure. Sounds refreshing!

  2. Started raining halfway through Sunday's Steelers game. Hasn't stopped since. Monongahela is ready to flood down at Sandcastle! Dogfish might be a bit darker this year. I remember it having a bright orange hue last year.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Doug! Glad you appreciated them. :-)

  4. Trained Llamas everywhere thank you for your participation in hilarity.

    Also, the moose's hair stylist.