Thursday, November 17, 2011

American Beer Blogger: The TV Show

Exciting news announced yesterday on Lew Bryson's blog "Seen Through a Glass" -- a potential, new half-hour television series about the craft beer industry called "American Beer Blogger"!  What a cool idea:  a TV show about a guy who goes around visiting places, drinking beer, asking questions, and writing about it, as Lew says.  If you're not convinced, check out his video (believe's worth the 2:25 of your time!):

But in order to get this show up and running, the producers (Green Leaf) need to raise $60,000.  The money will go toward editing and marketing the idea to a TV channel.  So if the idea sounds good to you (it does to me!), Lew is asking you to help them reach their financial goal by pledging some money to their Kickstarter.  (I've also attached a widget at the end of this post.)

About Lew:  he is a drinks writer from the Philly area.  He has a couple other blogs, including  "Why the PLCB Should be Abolished" and "Session Beer Project".  He also authored the book "Pennsylvania Breweries".  Intelligent, witty, and very real writing - good stuff all around.  I definitely recommend that you check out his work.

A big "thank you" to my in-laws for turning me on to Lew!  Hopefully after this post, I'll have done the same for you all.  Prost!


  1. Hey, thanks a ton, Justin! Much appreciated!

  2. You are quite welcome, Lew! Keep up the amazing work! By the way, love the symbolism of the flag on the bottle in the screenshot from the video. What a great way to kick off a show about an American beer blogger: with a bottle of Stoudt's American Pale Ale.

  3. Hopefully this show gets funded and works out! Sounds and looks like a good time!
    Be a Friend!