Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sam Adams' Summer Ale - or is it Ail?

Tonight, we stopped by the Conewago Inn in Manchester, PA.  We always enjoy the ambiance and tasty food, and of course, I look forward to a pint of frothy brew.  I was just in time to try Sam Adams's seasonal Summer Ale.
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The golden-colored liquid had very little head and looked to be a refreshing beer.  Scents of zesty lemon wafted up from the glass of this 5.3% ABV wheat ale.  Upon first sip, Summer Ale was a real taste-pleaser.  The citrus combined well with the spicy Grains of Paradise to produce a flavorful sensation.  After savoring its essence in my mouth, I swallowed - and that's when it hit.  The spice-and-citrus mixture left a grapefruit aftertaste.  There are those who like grapefruit, and then there is me.  The sour suggestion didn't leave until I washed it down with some water.

While I choose not to partake of this particular draught again, I would recommend it to anyone that has a predilection for grapefruit.  I was disappointed by Summer Ale, but Sam Adams has a good selection of some other, fairly palatable pilseners and beers.  Prost!

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